Colours and Paint


How to prepare for a painting project (and save money)


Doing a bit of prep work before starting a painting project will save on the overall cost of the project. Some ways to save on labour cost are:

  • Moving furniture
  • Taking paintings and pictures of the walls
  • Taking down shelving and decorative pieces
  • Taking out clothes and personal items from closets

Compare timelines of projects to be completed:

  • Projects that coincide with the paint project should be planned in advance. Examples are: completing flooring or other renovations before the painting project starts.
  • Make decisions on the colours and areas to be painted first. This will help save cost by avoiding repaints.

Ask questions about the types of paint being used, and what kind of finishes to expect. Some options are:

  • Water based paint
  • Oil based paint
  • Matte finish
  • Eggshell and Satin paint
  • Semi-gloss and Gloss paint

Plan ahead and shop around for paint sales if you are going to be providing your own paint.

DIY (Do It Yourself) projects can increase the overall cost of a project. Hiring a professional gives you the peace of mind of having a job done right the first time.